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About me

I was born in 1975 in Znojmo.My father worked as an university profesor and my mother as a builder ingeneer. After finishing the language basic school I graduated from a Grammar school in Kladno focusing on humanities. I continued my studies on Drama school of Arts in Prague, graduating in 1998.

Apart from my acting work I feel a big need to be a part of civil activities,as a member of comunity groups organizing cultural, sporting and social projects for childern and adults.

I have two childern and my family, which I love without limits,is the base stone of my life and my motto ise "The path is a goal"

What you learn in youth...

My parents always supported me in playing piano,flute, dancing, languages and theater has been my passion since my early childhood. My first experience in theater was in drama group of Arts school in Kladno.

My passions

As well as well as theater my other passion are travelling and movement. Shortly after my studies I spent a short time working in Spain to learn the language and to gain new life experience. Except Spanish I speak English, French and I understand Russian.

My driving force of life

Gaining new experience , meeting new people and ways of work, not only in theater, but also in front of camera, looking for and discovering of new posibilities - is main fuel of my life.


Bio Theater

Three musketeers

role Madlén

Born on 28th of October
Švanda´s theater on Smíchov engagment 2002-2017 in some main roles
Shakespeare / Midsummer night´s Dream - Helena
Shakespeare / Measure for Measure - Julie
Shakespeare / Hamlet - Gertruda
Moliére / Tartuffe - Elmíra
Turgeněv / Month in the country - Natalija Petrovna
Gogol / Marriage - Agáta
Čechov / Uncle Vanya - Jelena
Schnitzler / Casanova in Spa - Flaminie
Koljada / The Hen - Alla
Lars von Trier / Idiots - Karen
Büchner / Vojcek - der romantiker - Marie
Knutzon / Craftsmen - Alice
Schiller / Plots and Love - Lady Milford
Currently in these theaters and plays
Švanda´s theater

Pankrác 45 - Adina Mandl
Wuthering Heights - Nelly
Cry baby cry - Ivona
The Boss of It All - Lise

Theater Kalich

Fellini La Strada - in many roles except Gelsomina
Invincible - Emily

Theater Viola

Scorpio au loin - Greta Garbo

The theater on Fidlovačka

Smoke - Běhalová
Why Men doesn´t listen and Women can´t read maps

Agentura Familie

Sylvie - Kate



Czech radio

dramatic production, radio plays



Yrsa Sigurdardóttir / Black Hole, DNA, Execution, Catharsis
Erin Kinsleyová / Found